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Overcoming Seniors’ Refusal to Home Care


Seniors often refuse home care in California due to concerns about losing independence, privacy issues related to having strangers in their homes, worries about the cost of services, distrust or fear of unfamiliar caregivers, denial of their own need for assistance, and cultural or generational stigmas associated with receiving external help.

Overcoming these barriers involves many things. So how can we encourage them to get home care services?

  • Open communication

    Discuss the benefits of personal care in California openly, addressing any concerns or fears they may have. Encourage them to express their preferences and needs, fostering a sense of control.

  • Involve them in decision-making

    Include seniors in the decision-making process regarding the type and schedule of home care services. This empowers them and helps tailor the assistance to their preferences.

  • Highlight independence

    Emphasize how home care supports independence by allowing them to remain in a familiar environment. Point out that it can enhance their quality of life without compromising their autonomy.

  • Personalize the care plan

    Ensure that the home care plan is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Showing that the care is personalized to address their unique requirements can make it more appealing.

  • Introduce caregivers gradually

    If possible, introduce caregivers in Calabasas, California gradually so seniors can build trust and familiarity. This can reduce resistance by creating a positive relationship with the individuals providing care.

Building trust and tailoring the care approach to individual preferences can contribute to seniors being more receptive to nursing care. Should you need assistance from a reliable agency, call Blessing Hands Home Care at 805-915-7751.

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