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Reasons Why Your Grandparents Refuse to Eat


Eating concerns in the elderly is alarming. As it is through food that seniors get the most nutrients they need to remain healthy. Your grandparents might be experiencing the following health issues, leading to a refusal to eat:

  • Losing teeth
    Once they have lost their teeth, it can be hard to chew food. They must undergo personal care in California for proper dental and oral hygiene whenever necessary.
  • Lack of sense of smell and taste
    Losing olfactory and tasting abilities may lead to a lack of appetite.
  • Gastric inflammation and intestinal obstruction
    Acids, inflammation, or intestinal blockages can get seniors irritated and in pain.
  • Stress and anxiety
    Stressful situations may affect your senior loved ones’ mood and feelings, including the urge to eat.

Their caregivers in Calabasas, California, can help nourish people who can no longer take food via the mouth through intravenous and enteric feeding methods, especially patients who are bed bound.

Your grandparents can receive compassionate and high-quality home care in California. With the help of our professionals here at Blessing Hands Home Care, your seniors can bring back the joy of eating or receive alternative ways to get nutrients.

Call us for caregiving support at home. We can also give you essential tips on how to improve your quality of life.

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