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How You Can Effectively Manage Medications at Home

How You Can Effectively Manage Medications at Home

Medication-related problems can be avoided with the caregiving support in Los Angeles County and active involvement of the patient regarding their medication. Here are ways you can effectively manage medications at home:

  • Learn about each of your medication.
    Make sure that you know each medicine you take—their names, potential side effects, dosing information, and why they are prescribed.
  • Ready your medical records during doctor’s appointments.
    Home care in Calabasas, California can contact your healthcare providers to compile your medical history in a file, including the medicines you took.
  • Strictly follow prescriptions.
    Carefully read instructions, take the right dosage at prescribed times, and make sure to finish the entire prescription.
  • Use only one pharmacist.
    To avoid any drug duplications, interactions, and other medication-related issues, obtain your prescriptions at the same pharmacy as much as possible.
  • Watch out for side effects.
    Notify your physician or healthcare team whenever you have lifestyle changes or worsening side effects so they can determine if there should be adjustments made to your medications.
  • Keep medicines in their original packaging.
    This is to avoid confusion with the prescribing information, original labels, expiration dates, and prescribing information.

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