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Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Your aging parents’ needs grow as their ability to care for themselves declines. This is especially true for seniors who live alone. You and perhaps your siblings notice that your parents now need help, but you’re unsure how and where to start.

Before you jump the gun and look for Caregiving Support in Los Angeles County, you also need to get your loved one’s opinion.

So, Blessing Hands Home Care decided to ask experienced caregivers what questions can we ask our aging loved ones when deciding about their future care. Take a look:

  • Are you lonely?

    Your parent might lie, but it’s still an important question to ask. Loneliness can be extremely harmful to seniors, so it’s best to spot that signs as early as possible. But instead of outright asking if they’re lonely or not, try phrasing it differently, so they don’t catch on”.

  • Are you having trouble with driving?

    While the dents on their car and the crooked fence are signs that your senior needs help with transportation, it’s better to hear your loved one’s concerns from their own mouths.

  • Have you been paying your bills?

    Check for piles of unsorted letters and bills. If your senior has been receiving late notices, this may be a sign of forgetfulness.

Once you get your parent’s insight, you can then start planting the idea of getting Home Care in Calabasas, California. Of course, don’t make it sound like you’ve already made the decision for them. The goal here is to get them to think about the offer in a positive light.

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