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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Medications

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Medications

Most people fail to follow their doctor’s or pharmacist’s medication instructions about half the time. Skipping a dose or two may not seem like a big deal as it may not cause obvious problems. However, home care in Calabasas, California knows too well that medications wouldn’t work best when taken improperly or frequently skipped. Here are why:

  • You may miss the best window of time.
    For instance, pain medicines for arthritis—they work best when you treat the symptoms before they start; pain is harder to alleviate if the flare-ups come before you take the medicines.
  • Your treatment might fail.
    Incomplete prescription intake, especially of antibiotics, can make your infection or illness last longer or even come back. You may also become resistant to these medications; thus, you might need more powerful antibiotics or a longer drug course.
  • You might feel withdrawal effects.
    If you miss a dose, say, your antidepressants, it can lead to abrupt chemical shifts with symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, tiredness, sleep problems, and more.
  • It may get harder to treat your disease.
    A provider of personal care in Ventura County can help you manage your medications so you don’t have to skip a dose or take your medications improperly.
  • You’re at risk of serious complications.
    Even OTC drugs can be dangerous to skip. Aspirin, for example. Your doctor may prescribe that you take this drug every day after a heart attack or stroke, so quitting may cause another attack.

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