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Importance of Communication in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Importance of Communication in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Taking care of your elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia disease could be a worrying and emotional time of your life. Some families decided to take care of their loved ones in their homes. This decision could be an overwhelming and hard duty. Day by day brings new trials that you will encounter, such as the simple chores in the past could now be difficult, like their hygiene will now be hard to handle. Personal Care in Ventura County could help you manage these hard works for you.

Communicating with your loved one with Alzheimer’s is also a challenge. It takes time to practice attaining a mutual understanding. As a reliable Home Care in Calabasas, California, Blessing Hands Home Care will provide you some tips that could help you.

  • Pick some short sentences and simple words and use a calm and gentle quality of voice.
  • Do not baby talk your loved one with Alzheimer’s or discuss them like they are not there.
  • Lessen distractions, such as radio or tv, every time they talk. It will help your loved ones focus and process what they are about to say.
  • Ensure that you have their focus and attention before you speak to them, and it is better to make eye contact.
  • Give them enough time to answer and be cautious about not interrupting them.

Caregiving Support in Los Angeles County is experienced and skilled in caring for elderlies with Alzheimer’s disease. We will ensure to help and care for your elderly loved ones and meet your expectations.

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